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Lucy & Laura are seasoned estate consultants that manage the entire process of estate cleanouts, staging and selling of a loved one’s home. They manage estate cleanouts promptly and efficiently, with excellent communication throughout the process.


Lucy & Laura have a team of resources that organize sentimental and family heirlooms, valuable items to be sold, and clothing and furniture to be donated to charities of your choice. Many of Lucy and Laura’s estate clients live across the county and trust them in the management of clearing an entire home, filled with decades of accumulated memories and personal items.


Lucy & Laura identify furniture to be utilized for staging purposes, and add their own contemporary furnishings to update the look of the home. The entire home will be deep cleaned, minor painting and repairs made, and the yard professionally cleaned for a finished look. Once this important work is completed, they have the property professionally photographed, and build a tailored marketing plan to sell the home.  Lucy & Laura are focused on the bottom line; maximizing their client’s return on investment.


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